Just got a phone call from a debt collection agency called State Collection Services, Inc. This man named Paul and then Hosah informed the that I hadn’t paid a bill to UPMC and that they sent me to a debt collection agency and I owed $160.00. Truth be told, after my health insurance (that I used to have) kicked in the bill was only $50.00 and I paid it. I called UPMC only to be informed that UPMC never sent me to a debt collection agency. So I , pretending to be “Chris” called this “Paul” back, and got a “Jenny.” I told “PaulHosahJenny” how it was and hung up. Their number is 866-716-5705 so watch out and don’t give them any information. I googled the phone number and apparently everyones getting strange calls from this number. Down with the sickness!

Went out for coffee with some old friends last night. Had a great time and a bunch of great conversations. When our waitress refused to attend to our coffee binging after leaving us our check, we had to make this:

Somehow it failed to catch her attention and I had to speak to the boss man, in a polite and courteous manner of course.

Spent 16 hours in the studio the past two days trying to finish up our record. One year, three drummers, minus one guitar player later its finally almost complete. I just started this blog because I stumbled across my old Xanga today and remembered how much fun it was having one of those. I thought I’d have a lot more to say but I guess I really don’t haha. I’ll start from where I left off on my xanga. The last entry posted there says something along the lines of

“What I do wish to do, is spread God’s word. Thats all that life really is about and thats really all that matters.
As long as I am doing it some way I am content.
I really dont care if I end up living in an apartment the rest of my life.
Heaven is my reward.
Heaven is worth waiting for.”

So let me just start off by saying, “who the heck was that?!” Since my last post in 2007 It’s fair to say that some things have changed. I do not believe that there is/are a god/gods and I definitely don’t believe that when we die we go to heaven, or…..HELL. A lot of things have happened in three years that have really helped shape me into who I am at this point. I moved out of my mom’s house to Pittsburgh and have lived in 4 different houses since, I have started working a full time job volunteering for an organization called AmeriCorps working with at-risk youth in the Hill Disrict, I’ve experienced death in a much closer and more personal way than I ever have before, I’ve been in four different bands, I’ve been on tons of incredible tours, I’ve went vegan, I’ve quit smoking, I have a girlfriend and I started putting everything into perspective. Hard work equals results, not prayer. Not god. Now, I’m definitely trying not to be bitter to the whole situation. When I “found god” a good while back it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I transitioned into a new group of friends who saw me for who I was and not whatever past I carried at that time, and these people brought me into their lives and taught me about friendship, love and family. I always ended up giving all of the credit to god though instead of my friends, haha. So here I am about to be 20 in a few weeks absent of a god and glad to be thinking freely. I guess I just sort of decided that I believe in the good of people and the beauty of the earth. I think that the earth is such an intricate and incredible place and each day I feel a stronger connection to it than I ever have to god. I don’t want to live forever, I never wanted to go to heaven and I don’t want to sacrifice living my life for someone else. This doesn’t mean that in order to live “freely” you have to throw all of your morals out the window and become some sketchy dude. Since I’ve stopped believing in god I have made so many positive decisions in my life and I only continue to move forward and grow more each and every day.

What I think I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel like I’m blindly following a path anymore, waving my arms out in front of me reaching out for something I was never sure was even there to begin with.

This is my home, this is where I came from and this is where I will return.

In other news,

like I was saying, our record is almost completed! This summer Run, Forever will be embarking on a 50 day, full US tour all the way out to the west coast and back. We finally found a solid drummer named Brandon, after about 8 months of down time. We’re super excited that we have been able to put things into motion and I absolutely cant wait to start playing shows again.

I finally cracked and started enjoying living in Pittsburgh. I hated it for the longest time and I have absolutely no idea why. I think it just takes a while to really adjust to a new environment. I graduated high school in Erie, Pennsylvania and instantly moved to a city I didn’t know anyone in, started living on my own and up until the past few months had a lot of spare time on my hands. I know that I didn’t throw my self into a really drastic situation or anything but the transition definitely took some getting used to, as it does with any kind of moving situation. Either way, I’m really happy with where things are at in my life at this point. City life is good, music is good and we’ve finally started making some close friends in Pittsburgh.

Best of all it’s getting warm outside.

Hello world!

May 3, 2010

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